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Sustainable Long Island/Girl Scouts of Nassau County Patch Design Contest

I know a lot of LiveJournal users like making icons and other graphics, so maybe this will interest you.

Sustainable Long Island is having a contest to design the new "Brownfield Buster" patch for the Girl Scouts of Nassau County. According to SLI, "[t]he winning design will be made into the Girl Scouts' new Brownfield Buster patch, awarded to Girl Scouts in Nassau County who learn about and help raise awareness of brownfields cleanup and redevelopment." The winning designer will receive $250 (USD) for their work (though, really, whoever wins ought to decline the money so it can go towards future programs).

Brownfields are an unfortunate part of the landscape in many areas across the globe, but they're especially prevalent in urban/suburban areas like western Long Island, where businesses come and go and often leave a path of ecological destruction behind them. Brownfields are not only unsightly — they are usually hazardous to the environment and those living around them. The Girl Scouts of Long Island are working to clean up Long Island's 6,800 brownfields and help restore them as either parks or viable yet responsible commercial areas, and this patch will help to further encourage them to do so.

The following information is from SLI's news brief about the contest, but I'm posting it here in case the article is deleted soon:

"Submit your full-color designs by email (na@sustainableli.org) or by mail to Brownfield Buster, Sustainable Long Island, 55 Hilton Avenue, lower level, Garden City, NY 11530. The deadline for submissions is July 8, 2005. Designs may be any shape, but must include the words 'Brownfield Buster' and the Sustainable Long Island logo, which can be downloaded here.

Entries will be judged by an impartial panel. For more information, please contact us at (516) 873-0230. For past examples of Girl Scouts patch designs, visit www.gsnc.org."

Post about this in your graphics design communities! You can take my text as long as you give me (beginning) credit and ask others to do the same. (Linking back to this post would be ideal, thanks.) Please remember that designs must be clear, readable, and able to be stitched onto small patches. Those of you who were Scouts know how that goes. :)
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