Angel of Death (dertodesengel) wrote in healthyfuture,
Angel of Death

Any more fellows like me out there?

I just joined this community and I would like to give my introduction!

I am a lumberjack from Maine and I'm so glad that I found this place! I just love the smell of freshly cut wood, don't you? My car seat is full of the sawdust that comes off of me after I cut down some wood. Its a lovely feeling! If I could, I'd do it day and night! The sound of sawing is like music to my ears!

I think I have an idea for us, though. I'm going to bring it to my boss who will bring it to the state, so hopefully things will follow through. We're thinking about sending half our company over to the Amazon. You know, to see what that wood is like. We could use it for funiture, fire wood, buildings.. There are just so many uses and it seems like a waste NOT to go down there!

Well, I'll let you guess toss some ideas to me! Maybe we can all meet up at the Amazon, huh?

[This post brought to you by kinky_pinkers and is not to be taken seriously.]
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